Alternatives to Raising Capital

Choosing to start a business requires having the proper financial structure in place and sufficient capital to stay above your margins. Finding ways to raise capital is essential for the life and prosperity of your business and our securities lawyer is dedicated to discovering varied means of enabling clients to raise needed capital.

Looking for alternatives for raising capital? We can help!

Kahane Law Group exists to serve the legal needs of businesses in offering them high-quality legal advice to keep them protected at all times. This counsel is the fruit of our more than 15 years of legal experience and numerous successes in representing clients in that time. Attorney Marc Mann has even been included in the list of Super Lawyers® Rising Stars for these successes.

What options are available for my business?

To meet your goals as your business prospers can require raising capital in new ways. Many alternatives for raising capital exist and you should consult our firm to make sure you are protected as you move towards these various alternatives.

Other means of acquiring capital include:

  • Personal investments
    Outside investors or joint ventures
  • Equities
  • Government or Bank
  • Loans
  • Venture capital firms
  • Issuing preferred stocks or bonds

The best means of raising capital typically derive from an in-depth understanding of your particular market and also depends on what stage of growth your business is in. For instance, you may want to consider taking your corporation public if it has grown to a level where you can issue stocks and bonds.

Walking You Through Capital Acquisition

Our securities law attorney meets your company where they are to provide the best legal advice for your particular situation. We handle disputes, contracts, commercial documents, and employment matters for any business throughout the Houston area.

We can protect you from making the wrong moves in acquiring capital which can land you in jail. The SEC and other state and federal authorities scrutinize businesses for improprieties and having an attorney in your corner can help you avoid certain pitfalls.